linear programming problems

LP's and the associated models are of the devil's creation. please be advised.

school is not fun. work is much funer.

I admittedly like Hilton Head Island.

I miss websites and web journaling.

be back soon. promise.


Saltwater aquariums are more costly to maintain than most cars. Anyone looking to get into the hobby should remember that.


horrible doesn't describe the game tonight...gave up several runs (11 or so) to loose in the last inning...highlight of the evening was the diving tag I made on a guy about six feet from home plate...of course, called safe and im bleeding from the caps...we'll call that the turning point of the game...funny thing is, post game dinner the other team comes up to us and says that was the worst call ever...not too happy, but tourney is just around the corner to offer up some redemption.

All-Star Game 2004 Houston

Any Yankee fans out there should be proud of the 8 players in this game. What stinks is the fact that the Bravos will still make it to the World Series with 1/8th of that kind of representation.

Double Trouble

The new addition(s) to the family have arrived.

Bowen Thomas Gaines, weighing in at 6 lbs. 3.5oz. and 20\\\" long, became my first nephew at 2:41am on 5/29

Charley Ruth Gaines, weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 20\\\" long, came into the world at 3:42am on 5/29

A quick update

Torn ACL:

I've torn my ACL, and its since been replaced. Walking slow(er) now, but crutches should be over in 2 weeks or so. I'm starting the workout bike this week as well. For reference purposes, its been 11 days since the surgery.


School started for the summer, and I'm taking too many classes (4) to be such a cripple. I am trying to find more interest in my statistics-based major of ISYE.


Mr. Mac Atcheson died today (Amy and Mike's Grandfather, Susan's Dad), and the funeral was very eye-opening to me. Though I knew he was a very creative and capable person, I never really knew that he was one of the greatest steel guitar players that has ever lived. They played a recording of him playing amazing grace on the steel guitar, and it was quite surreal to think he was the one actually playing it. Mike's addition to the funeral was a letter he'd written, and it was the most heart-felt verse that I've ever heard him speak. He said his original version was 30 some odd pages, but the 2-3 that it was condensed down to flowed with the same continuity of the notes from Mac's guitar. The tiny ships that Mr. Atcheson made us all will be a constant reminder that we will all sail away from this world at some point. I feel as though I cheated myself by not getting to know him better. He was that kind of person.

Rob and Lanell are happy in their house, but I barely get to see either of them. Rob's working on his pond management company. Lanell's still with the eye doctor at the mall.

Kyle and Mimi are always fun, they went to the beach with Eavan, Mom, and I this weekend. Kyle's always at a heightened blood pressure with everything including his job, Mimi, and everything else. Mimi's sill an AP, and constantly doing new things with her children (meaning students, not her own) and the school.

Mom and Dad are still apart, but seemingly happy. Dad's working on a few new interesting projects including the new 1940 building design and the corner lot construction. Mom's piddling around and taking care of the Heights and Nanny.

Vick and Benny are loving their place in Daytona and getting to go down a bit more often.

Kim is finding interest in the Restaurant business and has been doing well in the classes that she's been taking. She just got back from some type of Restaurant Convention in Chicago.

Ben's back in town, where he needs to be. I hope he understands that he doesn't need a job that he loves right now. He and Mike (McEwen) are the two hardest working individuals I personally know.


Nick's (Singleton) father passed away on Thursday. He was buried Friday, but I was at the beach from Thursday evening until this morning. Nick and I's friendship is kind of weird, we originally were connected by Mike, but I think we've become better friends over the past few months and kind of gotten closer. Nick is one of the brightest guys in the group of the Snellville guys, and we're always talking about Mike and school. He has the worst luck of anyone I currently know. Car break-ins, stolen books, etc. top his list. While I hope the grieving process is short and happy for his family, I hope that he learns that life is too short and that he needs to drop one specific habit that I always bother him about in order to make this life as long and healthy as possible.

Big Mike is done with his first semester at GSU, and is now working back at Loco's for the summer. I hope he sticks with the books and finishes whatever he decides to do. He keeps me sane and always takes care of me and my moods at the house downtown. His cell phone is always broken, so he's kind of hard to get in touch with.

Shane is like a third year senior (meaning he's ahead of everyone) at AU. He's almost done and he's getting into the intern/coop mindset with a few options for summer employment coming soon. It makes me happy that he's doing so well and is so seeming 'into' and excited about his career choice.

Quigley is in NY this summer, which is sad because it'll be our first summer apart. Hopefully, he'll learn that he needs to stay down South where everyone is normal.

Noodle and others will be home for the summer, and we'll all catch up and hang out numerous times if all goes well.

Eavan and I are still together, and this June will be 4 years. Can't imagine things without her. She's been my nurse for the past week and this weekend, helping me navigate with crutches and keep everything organized around me.

Time to catch up on homework, but I just wanted everyone to know how everything's been spinning around me these past few months.